5 Resources All Business Owners Should Know About

As a business owner, you can feel overwhelmed with all the decision-making and details that you need to take care of on your own. Whether you’re a new business owner who is just starting out, or you’re a long-time entrepreneur who is looking to optimize your business operations, there’s a world of resources out there for you.

Small Business Administration


If you’re a small business owner or an aspiring one, the Small Business Administration is an incredible resource for support and education. The SBA has offices across the U.S. to help small business owners get access to counseling, funding, business plans, and business education. You can also access all of these resources through their online hub. Whether you need help with market research or calculating startup costs, the SBA has information to help you optimize your business operations.

Accounts Payable Solutions


The financial aspects of owning a small business can easily become overwhelming. By outsourcing payment processes to a check writing service you save time and hassle. Using a secure system for check writing, invoicing, payment processing, and mailing simplifies the business process and streamlines check payments and refunds for your company. Using check printing services automates tedious financial tasks that take time out of your business day. Accounts payable solutions companies mail checks and handle your direct mailing campaigns, but they also offer general printing services for small business to save you time and labor.

Check printing services are highly secure and use the highest quality paper stock and ink to protect your company’s payment processing and reduce bank rejections. They also use secure envelopes to ensure sensitive receipts or check information can’t be seen through the envelope. Other fraud protection tools include Positive Pay which matches the check information, account number, and check amount to previously authorized transactions and receipts.

Tax Education Resources


Without a CPA or bookkeeper staying up to date on tax requirements is crucial, but it can be difficult. Staying organized with tax returns, financial statements, receipts, and sales tax from the previous calendar year is a hefty task. In order to avoid an audit on your bank account or tax returns from last year, you need to be aware of business tax compliance requirements for small business owners. Tax files and tax law change on a yearly basis. Resources that detail all of these updates to tax law is a small business owner’s best friend.

Tax education resources help you understand liability, audits, sales tax, and jurisdictions within tax law. Knowing your own liability and how to file for a separate legal entity will save you time, hassle, and money.

Perfect your social media presence

Social media is an essential tool for every business today, but building your social media presence alone can be tricky. It can be beneficial to use a social media management service. By connecting all of your platforms into one interface you can easily plan campaigns and schedule posts. You can also see insights and analytics for your posts and platforms. This way you can see your strong points and weaknesses in order to optimize your overall social media presence.


Making connections through your socials is much easier when your inboxes and content streams are all integrated into one platform. This can greatly improve your engagement and customer service while cutting down response times. You can also create teams and manage their responsibilities and permissions to streamline social media and marketing operations throughout your company.

Stay up to date with business news

There are several media and news outlets that are dedicated to the economy and small business news. Checking these sources daily can help you better understand the market and help you research your specific market. It can also help you understand trends in the economy, which allows you to make better-informed business decisions in the future.

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