Are You Ready for Your Next Move?

Let’s face it, moving isn’t fun. It takes up a lot of time and effort that oftentimes, leaves us exhausted and frustrated even after the job is done. When moving into a new home, we try to take lessons from past moves to make sure we get it right. However, we’re here to help make sure you’re fully prepared to tackle the trip this time around.

Packing Up


When getting your home ready for sale, it’s important to first find a real estate agent that you can trust to make sure your old house goes for the right sale price based on the current real estate market. The right agent will walk through your home and make note of the pros of the household while pointing out what may require you to fix it up first before vacating the property. This could be anything from hiring a plumber to installing some new appliances.

Once you’ve found a great deal or locked down your new house, the packing begins. Homeowners should go through their house room by room to assess what needs to make the trip to the new home, what can be sold, and what can be donated to charity. As you pack up to head out, make sure to have a proper labeling or color-coded system in place that lets you know where boxes and other items get placed when heading to the new house.

Be sure to be cautious about fragile items, relying on foam pouches and extra bubble wraps for things like china, glassware, and fragile parts of your decor. Remember, whether you are moving them or not, your possessions deserve tender loving care.

Moving Out


Moving is already difficult and as much as we want to rely on just our friends and family to get us on the road, there’s greater peace of mind in hiring movers to transport products. Regardless of a local move or long-distance move, companies like Phoenix movers can give your belongings the proper packaging, load-in, and load-out that won’t cost you too much money and get the job done right.

As a home buyer, be sure to evaluate local moving companies that don’t sacrifice customer satisfaction for cost. It helps to look through a variety of movers just in case, in the event that a scheduling snafu forces a company to back out of a residential move. Be sure to check competitive rates to make the move work for you. Allow yourself to also look into movers that are COVID-19 compliant and that are not only putting the safety of your belongings first but minimizing the risk of the coronavirus throughout.

On the day of the big move, be sure to have important documents on hand like your moving company contract, along with anything that may be of necessity for moving into your new house.

Moving In


Throughout the moving process, you may be monitoring your finance, especially if you are still trying to sell your old house or are looking into tips on how to flip a house for maximum profit. As you settle into your new place, keep in mind that things won’t feel like home immediately. Whether it’s your first flip or first house, there will be a period of adjustment.

When settling in, make sure you have your basics set aside and ready to be used including furniture like mattresses and items for the bathroom and kitchen so that you can utilize parts of your home instantly. If you followed a proper system of labeling, go through your checklist and make sure that boxes are in designated areas, and slowly place things where they need to be.

In the end, make sure you are happy with the finished product of your home and decor, and that your new location is everything you want it to be.

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