Great Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs on the Go

Many of us have the urge to set up a new business. However, it’s safe to admit that many don’t know the steps to follow this desire through. Beyond our lack of business knowledge, we often feel that we don’t have enough time or we lack the requisite financial resources. For some other people, they’re simply not ready. If you fall within any of these groups, worry not. This article offers four business ideas you could implement while on the move.

1. Mobile Barbering Salon


There will always be men. These men will always want to look good. Offering premium haircut services at affordable prices is a business that has a ready market. Availing this service at the convenience of the customer is even more appealing. All a client needs to do is pick up the phone and place an appointment.

If you already have a car, you can invest in this with reasonable capital. Accessories such as clippers, combs, and chairs are readily available. Even better, you don’t even need to visit a physical shop to get your hands on them. They’re available online. You can even beat down the price. A simple Google search of “barber chair for sale” will reveal those offering the best prices.

2. Short Stay Rentals


This next business idea requires you to use your home as a short-term rental and make money from it. This niche of the hospitality industry is hot right now, thanks to Airbnb. The good thing is there’s always room for more investors. Keep in mind that if you own a home, you’ll have to constantly share it with others. However, if you’re always on the move, that won’t be a problem because you’ll spend little or no time there. All you need to do is get someone to look after the place.

If you have extra rooms in your apartment, you can also reserve a room for the days you’re not traveling. This venture also doesn’t require high working capital. For publicity, there are a handful of sites you can post on. You’ll need a good Real Estate mentor for inspiration. Venterra CEO John Foresi tops that list. You can learn a lot from how he treats his residents and staff.

3. Online Delivery Service


Many ventures are going online. Taking advantage of the digital space will offer convenience to billions of potential customers. But when interests have been caught, orders must be delivered in time. A new customer translates into a new income source for a delivery agent.

Few companies have their own in-house delivery service. Most have to rely on outsourcing that service. With just a car or a bike, you can effectively run this service. You can even do this as a side job. All you have to do is schedule your time properly.

For instance, if your job ends by 5 pm. You can make deliveries from 6 pm-11 pm. You can even opt to make deliveries that are on your route to and from work.

4. Landscaping


More people are breaking into the middle class. This means there are people with the requisite spending power. They can now afford beautiful homes in serene areas with a large amount of land ownership. However, that luxury requires the service of a landscaper. The real estate companies and agents have jumped on this. They’re offering luxury homes replete with state-of-the-art tools and juicy aesthetics. Landscaping is a key element of the latter.

Landscaping is needed not just as a marketing tool or to increase value. Since it offers homeowners an air of prestige and an element of beauty, it’s a service that will last as long as man does. All you need to carry out your services are just a bunch of tools and an artistic mind. If you even want, you can run the service, outsource it to the right people and keep your cash.

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