Here’s Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs

If you’re a veteran readjusting to life after your service, you might be wondering where your unique skill set is best used. The character one builds when servicing in the armed forces is unparalleled, making veterans incredibly competitive in a variety of lines of work after they stop serving their country. Running a business is a great way to form your own career path while giving back to others just as you did when serving.

If you don’t have the energy or mental space to come up with a whole business idea from scratch, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to work for yourself without needing to come up with your own idea for a product or service. In fact, starting your own franchise and becoming a franchisee could be a better fit for your skills, anyway. After all, when you pursue a franchise opportunity, much of the business is set up ahead of time, and all you need to worry about is hiring staff and executing the day-to-day operations. Here are just a few of the reasons why veterans make excellent franchise owners.


One of the key traits you’ll foster in the military or armed services is leadership. Whether it’s leading others based on your own intuition or following a plan as you lead others, these skills will frequently be called upon as a franchisor. When you run a franchise, you’ll get a proven strategy for your business to follow, and as the owner, you’ll need to execute that plan as the leader of your franchise. These sorts of tasks fit perfectly with the skills you’ve built as a veteran used to leading others and adapting to plans when necessary based on the circumstances at hand.


Another advantage you’ll have as a veteran running your own franchise is discipline. In order to achieve your goals, you’ll need to stay focused and committed to the mission at hand. Sometimes, you’ll need to execute your plan under pressure and make quick decisions while juggling multiple priorities at once. These sorts of high-stress, high-pressure situations will pale in comparison to the pressures you faced in the armed forces. As a veteran, you’ll have the discipline to face any challenges that come your way with aplomb, helping lead your business to success.


Of course, another valuable skill you’ll have fostered in the military is working as a member of a team. Even though there will be many times when you need to lead your franchise, it’s just as common to need to pitch in and be a team player during rushes or when someone calls in sick. As a veteran, you’re already adept at working as a member of a team, whether that means you’re leading them or working alongside a shift manager. Collaborating with others, clear communication, and a willingness to pitch in when the going gets tough is all part of being a team player. Thankfully, as a veteran, you have all of these qualities in spades.

Of course, just because you know that you’re going to make a good franchisor doesn’t mean that you know exactly which franchise makes the most sense for you as a veteran. That being said, when it comes to picking out a franchise brand, The UPS Store is one of the best franchises for veterans. The UPS Store offers a variety of benefits specifically for military veterans interested in becoming franchisees, providing over $300,000 in incentives and help. Owning your own business has never been more within reach as a veteran, thanks to the opportunity to save money on your franchisee application as well as money taken off of your franchise fee.

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