How to Become a Lingerie Model in 2020

Who doesn’t want to bat their natural lashes and strut their stuff on the catwalk? Of course you do, it’s a dream to walk around feeling gorgeous and stylish. It’s a common stereotype that all models have to be stick-thin, but it’s not always true. There are some companies now who are trying to be more inclusive of all sizes.

Being a model isn’t just about having a pretty face and legs for days. Many may not know that there is actual skill involved with being a model. It’s not all about throwing on some sexy lingerie and winging it. So, what does it take to become a lingerie model?

Model Behavior

Models are definitely expected to seem in tip-top shape. You’ll be expected to have clear skin so that photographers want to work with you. In general, any model should keep their body both in shape and well maintained. For example, you should have manicured nails, no bruises and avoid getting sunburned.

Some other traits will depend on what designer you are trying to work for. The best way to get ahead is to do your research. Look at which models are currently walking for the designers you desire. What is their body type? How old are they? Do all the models have a certain look? You will also want to be careful about body piercings or tattoos as most companies like to work with a clean slate. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo you may want to put the thought on the back burner since you will get passed over for a lot of job opportunities. A quirky figure can work in your favor.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Networking is a huge part of breaking into the industry. Independent designers are more likely to cast models that they are know and who they like to work with. Models and designers tend to also flock to those who are most like them. So, if you have an eclectic look, odds are you will find a designer with the same taste to work for. Designers also appreciate working with a known associate because they know they can rely on that particular person to do a good job.

Make sure to try on various types of women’s lingerie regardless of job opportunities so that when you arrive at the catwalk, you’re ready for whatever undergarment or lingerie set you have to model. Also, provide designers with your measurements fo that you have a perfect fit for your bra size, bodice, nightie or rompers. If you don’t want to invest a ton of money in lingerie for your personal use, but still want some gorgeous, high quality pieces, consider buying online. Sites like Spicy Lingerie have a full set with lace details that are very affordable. They also always have new arrivals and promotions, so you’ll be sure to be in style when you’re getting ready for any lingerie modeling jobs.

Smile for the camera.

To become a model, you will want to practice your model face. Posing does not come naturally to a lot of people so practicing will help. After awhile your posing will become muscle memory and you will feel like a pro. Since you will be modeling lingerie or intimates you will want to practice specific looks that convey affection and warmth. Take some time to practice in front of your mirror at home by trying different facial angles. It may also help to pick up a magazine to get some ideas. Since you will be showing off the garment you want to make sure your poses do not block the specific piece of clothing from being seen.

When you model professionally, you’ll be made up before any shoots or shows, so make sure to have a full look even when you’re just practicing at home. That means applying everything from foundation to false lashes, so that you’re not caught off-guard when the real day comes. Buy yourself a variety of false lashes, from mink to thin lashes, so that you’re prepared for any event. Designers love a model who is ready to go no matter what.

Making sure you are a self-reliant model who can take direction will be your greatest asset as you try to break into the modeling world. Always be prepared and on time. Have a bag packed of makeup and shoes in case there is a snag on set. Above all, always have your portfolio book with you so that you can wow anyone at any time.

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