Signs That Your Teen Is Struggling With Their Mental Health

Parenting can be one of the most amazing blessings of your life. It can also be tremendously difficult at times. Throughout their lives, your kids will have so many different feelings and interactions. It’s your job to navigate those changes and help them grow up to be the best version of themselves they can be. This means adjusting to each new year and set of challenges with grace and love.

The teenage years are notoriously some of the most difficult. It can be hard for them to navigate who they want to be and fit into all the societal pressure they experience. Unfortunately, a lot of teens may have trouble with their mental health during this time. This is your time to be supportive and look for treatment options for young people. Whether that’s seeing a therapist one on one or trying group therapy, whatever benefits them can be a great tool. It first helps when you recognize the signs and symptoms that your child may be struggling with. Here are some ways to know if your teen could benefit from mental health treatment.

When your teens start to snap or lash out, seek other outlets for them.

Teens can easily feel misunderstood and frustrated. If you start to notice behavioral issues or aggressive mood swings, it may be time to have them talk to a therapist. At mental health facilities for teens, young adults can have a secure and safe outlet to talk about any mental illness. Rather than lashing out, they’ll be able to speak with an expert team and get inpatient treatment through these residential programs. There are so many reasons a teen may be lashing out, and these programs work to heal those deeper issues like trauma, environmental factors, or biological changes. Adolescence can be hard, especially if your mind is working against you. Check out a treatment plan that allows your teen to try experiential therapies in a safe, healing environment.

Consider counseling for yourself to better connect with your teens.

If your teen is struggling with mental health, they may lash out at you or cause you to think you aren’t doing a good job of raising them. This likely couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you may want to seek counseling assistance for yourself to learn more about their mood disorders or discover the strengths you have to help them. You can find the right fit for your therapist anywhere across the country. Check out in Maryland to get involved with a clinician who can help you with a personalized treatment plan. Get continued guidance through telehealth or in-person as you work to support and love your child in the most positive way.

Check in if your teen seems unmotivated or exhausted.

Another sign your teen may be struggling with mental health issues is the lack of motivation and signs of exhaustion. If your child is having trouble getting out of bed every morning or accomplishing basic tasks, it may be time to check therapy options. This could mean they’re struggling with some form of depression or bipolar disorder. Of course, everyone is different, so don’t jump to conclusions. Just notice if your teen seems disconnected from the world in a negative way.

Mental health issues can sometimes manifest into physical issues.

Mental health and physical health are incredibly connected. If you start to notice your child is getting sick often or always battling some form of physical symptoms, it may be a manifestation of their mental illness. Stress and anxiety can cause muscle tension or constant headaches. Just be on the lookout and discuss these issues with a doctor to see if there may be a deeper mental issue at play.

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