Men’s Health From Head to Toe

Across the globe, men are infamously known for “laughing in the face of danger” when it comes to their health. They’re more likely to ignore damning health threats and avoid seeing the doctor even when it’s the sanest thing to do. Could this be why women outlive men by about five years? That might be a topic for another day. For now, check out this guide to improve men’s health from head to toe.

Personal Hygiene


Being a true gentleman takes more than well-creased shirts. It involves adopting a cleanliness culture that cuts across every aspect of your life. From dental to your nails, hair, and so on. The benefits of great personal hygiene for men are endless. For instance, keeping your shoes tidy and in-form at all times creates a great and lasting impression when you step out.

Beyond that, it can also save you from leg injuries that may arise from long hours of shoe-wearing. If your job requires you to be in executive suits and Oxfords through the workday, these Powerstep inserts can help a great deal. Regularly changing your insoles can go a long way to save you from Plantar Fasciitis.

Sexual Health


About 31% of men have some sort of sexual health issue. Several factors can contribute to a dip in sexual performance. The millions of STI cases reported each year could be an indication. But not all of the factors are as terrible as we know. As you age, it’s a given that your mojo won’t stay the same. And challenges with a man’s overall wellness can gravely affect his sexual health too.

So it pays to get a professional diagnosis of your situation before adopting any solution. If you’re looking for natural and clinically proven remedies to up your sex game, Semenax can be an excellent option.

Mental Health


In the United States alone, about one in ten men suffer depression and anxiety-related issues. It’s no secret that men are less likely to engage mental health professionals or even relatives about these issues. This stems from a long-held perception that associates weakness with seeking help. Unfortunately, mental health has very little to do with weakness; even the strongest men can fall victim.

Instead, mental health in men is a mirror reflection of wellness inside and out. Thus, a lot of factors are at play. Pressure from work, how you sleep, the company you keep, how you deal with emotions, etc. All of these matter. That’s why telling yourself to “man up” in your lowest point might not cut it. The situation is too complex and may require a therapist to enlist you on a therapy journey. Nevertheless, there are many conscious steps you can take in caring for your mental health. Chief among them is to exercise frequently and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Skin Care


Many skin care products and companies target more women in their messaging than men. But healthy skin isn’t less of a priority for men. There are many skin-related issues men face daily, like shaving irritations. So, getting your skin game in check can never be a miss.

Men naturally produce more sebum than women. So it’s not really your fault that your skin is oily. What you can do is moisturize very regularly. You can use warm towels to wipe your face each morning to control sebum production and reduce your skin’s oil content.

Men still need some amounts of oil on the skin to prevent it from dryness or cracking. So don’t go too big on hot water for your baths. Keep bath waters warm and or spend less time in the shower if the weather is too cold to turn down the heat.

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