Who Is Howard Fensterman?

It’s always a great asset to know people who are contributing to the world in a positive way. In this day and age, it’s important to have someone on your side when it comes to any type of legal issue, especially when it comes to healthcare and litigation that can arise following different medical procedures. Legal advice is all around us, but it’s vital to get that advice from a reputable and reliable source.

Who is Howard Fensterman?

Howard Fensterman, a healthcare lawyer, humanitarian, philanthropist, and contributor to a large variety of charitable sources, is a prominent attorney in Long Island and managing partner of a law firm in New York that has a vast reputation for its leadership in both law and an array of corporate activities.

Fensterman is an attorney with an abundance of knowledge and years of experience regarding healthcare law and the healthcare industry, but he is also a well-known philanthropist who provides significant support to organizations that focus on improving people’s lives.

Howard Fensterman contributes extensively to medical charities.


One of Fensterman’s greatest passions is contributing to the health care industry through charitable donations, specifically, ones that focus on the research, treatment, and the finding of cures for debilitating diseases. From knowledge about hospital admissions to the medical secretary who serves as the primary face of a healthcare facility, Fensterman is well versed in legal counsel surrounding medical terminology, healthcare fraud, medical malpractice, health law, and many more facets of the industry.

His passion can be summed up by the concept of “tzedakah,” which is a Hebrew word that means justice or righteousness. Although traditionally this word is rooted in religious activity, today it is more commonly known as a spontaneous act of goodwill.

Through his belief in giving back to communities and improving the lives of those within the communities, Fensterman has donated a large sum of money to two prominent charitable organizations in the United States: the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s Long (CCFA) and Chabad of Port Washington. Fensterman is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Long Island Chapter of CCFA, which offers charitable services to more than 30,000 individuals who suffer from Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. This charitable organization also provides education and outreach programs to the individuals affected by the disease.

Because CCFA is not a government-run agency, it relies on the donations of individuals to maintain its operation and continue giving back. Mr. Fensterman has provided the foundation with considerable grants that have supported research, education, and outreach programs that would have otherwise suffered to continue its functions at a high capacity. In 2011, Fensterman was named “Man of the Year,” within the organization’s board of trustees reflecting the significant charitable donations he made.

The other organization he is close with in terms of the charitable donations he makes is the Chabad of Port Washington, whose mission is to provide a home away from home to any man, woman, or child that walks through its doors. Since 1991, this organization has been supported by members of Long Island’s North Shore community to provide an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life.

Howard Fensterman continues to positively impact communities.


Just recently, Fensterman was named in New York Magazine’s Long Island Power 100 list for all the contributions he has made to health care law and the betterment of people’s lives in not only his community but surrounding ones as well.

Fensterman plans to continue his effort in making a positive impact in the healthcare industry via legal consultations, advice, and litigation, as well as an advantageous effort with his philanthropy work as someone who is passionate about furthering the research for disease treatment and cures.

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