5 Benefits of Moving Out of a Big City

The debate over whether living in the big city or moving to the mountains is better has been one that has raged on for decades now and is in no danger of being decided any time soon. While there are great things about living in a big city, there are quite a few great things about living in the mountains as well.

If you’ve been looking at log cabins for sale and the land to go with them, then you’re probably pretty serious about getting out of the big city. Living in the mountains and away from the big city lights offers a slew of benefits that many people might not have even thought of. Of course, in the big city, you’re close to everything from Starbucks to the mall, so it can be hard to consider giving that up and moving to a small town in the mountains that might have never even heard of a low-fat mocha latte.

If you’re debating back and forth about buying that log cabin and making the move, read on for a few major benefits of moving out of the big city.

Clean Water/Air


Moving out of the big city and into the mountains means that you’ll be at a higher elevation than you were before. When you live in higher altitudes, the air and the water are cleaner and better for you as well. When you’re living in a big city, you have to deal with smog, pollution, and even water that’s not all that great for you. Of course, you can still get your spring water delivered to your mountain home, since that’s some of the best water to drink on the market today. Whether it’s water for the newborn in your life or for the entire family, you want clean water that’s fresh for your family.

Take a visit to the mountains, stand at the top, and take a deep breath. That’s fresh air you smell and a great reason to move out of the city and into the mountains as soon as possible.

Many Activities


One of the biggest benefits of getting out of the big city is the countless activities there are to do when you live in the mountains. Once you’ve taken a tour of the mountain town you’re considering moving to, then you’ll want to search for storage for your belongings until you get settled. Simply go on the internet, and type climate controlled storage near me into the search bar, and you’ll soon find the right storage for your furnishings. Of course, you’ll want storage that’s affordable and easy to access, so it doesn’t stop you from participating in the countless activities the mountains have to offer.

Activities such as hiking, mountain bike riding, bird watching, and even just sitting on your front porch and staring at the starry sky above are perfect for a family that’s tired of the smog of the big city and wants to be able to exercise in the fresh air of a mountain morning.

Gorgeous Scenery


If you’ve seen all of the things above first hand, then you’ve probably already contacted a reputable movers Maryland service to move you from Maryland to your log cabin in the mountains. You’ll want to do your research well to determine the best movers to help you. Make sure to check licenses, reviews on their website, and references to determine that you’re getting the best and most efficient moving service you can.

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, then take a look at the gorgeous scenery living in the mountains has to offer. From star-filled skies to mountain top views, you can’t see any of this in the big city. In fact, in some big cities, the sky is so smog-filled that residents have never seen a star-filled sky at all. That’s not what you want for your family, is it?



If you’ve lived in the big city for any amount of time, then you already know that it’s not nearly as safe and secure for you and your family as it once was. While there are plenty of ways to secure your home, in many small mountain towns, people still leave their doors unlocked and tend to be friendly with all the neighbors instead of living close to someone for 10 years and never even learning their name.

Outside of the big city, it seems to be safer and healthier for children to run and play and for you to get to know your neighbors as well. In a small mountain town, people seem to be territorial and watch out for one another. This not only means that they watch out for one another, but they’re also wary of strangers that may show up in their town as well.

Health Benefits


There are also quite a few health benefits to leaving the big city behind for the wide-open spaces of the country, mountain living that many people enjoy. One of the biggest health benefits, of course, is the fresh mountain air and high-quality water. Other health benefits include inspiration to be more active because who can sit inside on a nice day when there’s so much to be doing outside? You’re also likely to be happier because you’re not so worried about crime rates, and you’ll undoubtedly discover other benefits when you move.

It’s also been said that mountain living helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that people living at a higher altitude tend to develop a certain gene that helps prevent them from developing some heart problems. Whether you’re moving out of the city for your health, to get away from the crowds, or just for a change of scenery, know that the benefits are really immeasurable.

These were just a few of the benefits of leaving the big city life behind for the joy of country mountain living. If you’re still on the fence, do some more research, and then make the choice that’s best for you and the people you love.

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