5 Things You Should Do Before Going on Holiday

Going on holiday is an exciting time and, no matter how far we plan ahead, we often find that there is just not enough time to get everything ready before you go. Inevitably, the last couple of hours before you go will be spent running ahead packing last-minute items and trying to find the passport you were convinced was in your desk drawer. If that sounds familiar, here are five reminders to make sure the essentials are taken care of before you go.

1. Check the weather forecast


Wherever you’re going, there’s a big chance that it will be a different climate to where you’re coming from. Look at the weather forecast not just for today, but for the coming days that you’ll be there, and plan what you’re packing accordingly. The last thing you want is to be dressed for sun and be surprised by a freezing storm!

2. Do an outfit check.


Once you know the weather, plan your outfits down to the day, rather than throwing everything you want into a suitcase. Being organized about your packing means you’ll take up less space in your bag, plus you won’t forget anything. Plan out your outfits and only take what you need. It’s always fun to treat yourself to a cute new outfit for the trip as well. If you’re going somewhere warmer, petite jumpsuits are trendy and practical space-savers that also look good.

3. Dive deep on research


Make sure to look up bloggers and travel information from other sources than just tourism websites. Sometimes you can find hidden gems by listening to independent travelers and local voices, like this unique festival in Bulgaria, Kukeri.

You could also think about any bucketlist items that you want to tick off and see if they would be possible to do on this holiday. Have you also wanted to take stand-up paddle boarding lessons? If you’re near a beach, why not see if you can give it a go for a workout one afternoon? Turn your holidays into fun development projects and your bucketlist will shrink down rapidly.

4. Get your documents together


Some of the worst things you can forget when going away are your travel documents. You may be having a great time with your friends and family at the airport, but that will all be cut short if you can’t get on the plane because you left your passport or boarding passes behind. So much of that stuff can be made digital nowadays, so one way to skip this problem entirely is to get as much of this information on your phone as possible. Then all you need to do is make sure you don’t forget your phone!

5. Have a farewell meal


You might be looking ahead to the holiday, but things in your home won’t freeze while you’re gone. Make sure that anything valuable is tucked out of sight, especially if you have a lot of open windows. Go through your fridge and use up any perishable items before you go. You can get creative with meals over the last few days to make sure you eat anything, or if you really can’t manage to eat them all, surprise your neighbors with a handy bag of freebies before you leave. Either of these options will be better than returning to a stinky fridge filled with mold!

If you’re feeling really organized, you could even book an online grocery delivery for the day after you come back, so that you don’t need to run down to the shops for essentials right after you come back. Having a relaxing return to your home makes for a smooth end to a holiday, so Future You will definitely thank you for it!

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