How to Prepare for a Move Out West

People all across the United States move to new homes located within different states like Oklahoma, New York, and Washington state for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the move is because a new job opportunity has opened up within a different city, your family is growing. On the other end, your family nest may have emptied out. Some people might simply seek a different climate, or they might even seek an upgrade for their lifestyle. For whatever reason, many people across the United States are moving to different states.

The 2020 US Census Bureau reported that approximately 7 million Americans who were at least 1 year old moved from one state to another. The statistics showed that Americans were moving mostly to Western lying states. Whatever the desire or reason, people are moving in great numbers to these states. Whether it’s job opportunities, family, or getting a change of scenery many people are calling the Western states their home. Below we’ll discuss various ways to prepare for a move to the West.

Learn about the major cities.


When you move to a new area you want to learn as much as you can about that area as you can. Rather than being the resident new person for the rest of your life, it would help to study what the city has to offer you as a new resident. Say, for instance, you decide to move to Oklahoma from New York. You could decide to plant your roots in one of the largest cities within the state like Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Just like you knew a lot about your former home of New York City, the same thing will have to happen when moving to either Tulsa or Oklahoma City. You have to learn about what makes the city operate, including social, political, and economic issues.

Ask yourself, what are the popular sports teams for these cities located within the Sooner state? What do most Oklahomans in Tulsa do for fun on the weekends? What will college life be like within the city of Norman when your kid attends the University of Oklahoma? Does Stillwater offer job opportunities at Oklahoma State University for those seeking teaching opportunities? As a basketball fan, how are the prospects of the Oklahoma City Thunder looking? Digging into the political, economic, social areas of a city that you’re moving to shows that you’ve made the best effort to best prepare for a move out west.

Figure out what items are essential for your new home out West.

When you move to a new place out west like the Oklahoma City or the Seattle area, you have to figure out what has to make the move with you, or not. The same items that you had for a home while living within New York City probably won’t be the same things that you’ll need when moving out West. For those moving to the Seattle area, you might not need an ice scraper for your car’s windshield. If you move to cities like Muskogee, Tulsa, or Stillwater you’ll have to figure out what safety accessories to purchase that will keep you safe from potential tornadoes. You don’t want to spend time decorating your home office if you haven’t taken the time to ensure your home will be safe from such natural disasters with these needed items. Maybe look into buying an impact-resistant garage door, secure roof shingles, and purchase caulk to fill in holes on the exterior of your home. Whatever you do, make sure to stock up on those items that you’ll need for living in a new city.

Get some home renovation ideas ready before moving.


Before you make any move and want to renovate or redecorate a new home, it’s best to have an idea of the work that you’ll want to be done. If you can have such work done before even moving to a new home, this is an added plus. Whether you’re installing new cabinets or new hardware, having a kitchen ready to go is a big deal. It will allow you to move into a new home with no troubles, happy with the knowledge that your upgraded home is in good shape.

And if you can save money, say by having someone renovate your kitchen on a budget, that’s even better. Try to make sure that the kitchen remodels or kitchen renovation is knocked out before you move to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or anywhere else across the U.S. Try to ensure that the new dishwashers have been installed, your new light fixtures have been added to the dining room, and that your faucet upgrades within the master bathrooms are completed. Before moving out West it helps to have any remodeling or renovations done before making the transition and figuring into the relocation expenses.

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