A Guide to Web Hosting and Servers

Whether you’re a gamer or a business owner looking to host their video games online or opening their own website to sell their products you will very likely have to use web hosting or hosting server services. if you’re unfamiliar with what those two things are oh, they’re basically where websites are placed on the internet to run or a physical host setup where software programs can run easily without interruption.

What is web hosting?


Web hosting is a service that can be used to publish your website with monthly payments and access to technical support. Different web host services have many different plans which can have an affordable price as low as $3 a month and extend into the hundreds if not thousands, depending on your needs. Some can have better performance than others, meaning your website may load significantly slower or faster depending on your personal connection to the Internet and your host provider’s specs. Likewise, a website host service can provide you with the highest level of security for your users’ sensitive data to prevent any leaks, breaches, or hacking of said information.

One of the best Canadian web hosting services is 4GoodHosting. They offer advanced web solutions with solid-state drives that can make your website load faster and increase your traffic and sales through SEO metrics. They offer free domains, enterprise-level spam protection, and a website builder in addition to their support team, which is available 24/7. They also have three different tiers with their own custom service that can be used for personal use, business, and advanced processes.

What are hosting servers?

Moreover, there are servers that can host your favorite video games. This type of dedicated servers is called virtual private server or VPS and is a fully isolated virtual environment on bare metal servers. A VPS is perfect for providing smooth gameplay and the ultimate gaming experience thanks to the resources available and the ability to host private games such as Minecraft.

One of the most popular survival video games in the world, Minecraft, offers players a wide array of options on how to play the game—on their own PC, console, VR, and mobile devices. It’s becoming more common for people to use a Minecraft hosting server to create their own worlds where they play in total freedom with their friends in different locations and by their own established set of rules. Minecraft players can benefit from a lag-free and quick landscape rendering gameplay without any interruption from other players outside their game server.

What are some common terms in hosting services?


Some of the most common hosting terms include servers domains, top-level domains or TLDs, subdomains, content management systems or CMSs, and bandwidth. Servers are basically computers that host websites and games which are always online, domains are names that can help identify websites such as Google, and top-level domains are the suffixes at the end of each domain such as .com and .org.

Moreover, a subdomain can help you use the same domain name with multiple websites, and ACMs refer to the software that helps you manage websites and content such as WordPress. Lastly, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent and received from your server to your own computer, which can be restricted by a web host or remain unlimited until a certain point.

What are the advantages of hosting services?

Some of the benefits of using a hosting service include the exclusivity of the server resources that you will be using, the ability to assign domains, and the accessibility to outstanding technical support around the clock. They also provide enhanced gaming performance and various security levels within their different options for hosting plans.

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