Common Signs You Should Replace Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC system is something you use almost every day, whether you are staying cool in the heat of summer or eliminating humidity on a sticky fall day. However, even the best-maintained heaters and air conditioners have a limited lifespan, and yours might be sending out warning signs that something is wrong. Here are a few common signs that your current system might need repairs in the future – if not a full replacement.

Strange noises are coming from your air conditioner.

One of the clearest signs that it is time to replace your current HVAC unit is that it has started to get louder. You might notice more clanging coming from your HVAC system, or the air coming out of your ductwork might seem more forceful.

There are multiple reasons why an HVAC system will suddenly get louder. Different parts of the older unit can become loose and flow off. Debris can get caught in your unit and create a rattling or clunking sound. A maintenance technician will check to ensure that everything is working before identifying where the sound is coming from. However, if there are loose items in your HVAC unit, they might cause additional damage to your system.

You notice new odors in your attic and other rooms.

Your air conditioner doesn’t just keep your room at a comfortable temperature. It also pulls moisture from the air to regulate your humidity. If you notice your attic is starting to smell, there could be a leak in your HVAC system that is causing water to pool and mold to form. This mold can get pushed through your air ducts and reduce your indoor air.

While a leak in your system will grow mold, it can also damage your flooring if water pools on the ground for long periods of time. You could also have a refrigerant leak that harms the environment and makes your AC unit less effective.

Your system runs longer than normal.

If you rarely touch your thermostat but find that it takes longer to push cool air through your ducts, then you might need a new unit. Old HVAC systems require more energy to cool a space and will run longer. If your system kicks on repeatedly through the day and runs longer than it normally did, call a professional to look at it.

As your system ages, the cost of the repair might not be worth it. You might save more in the long run by purchasing a new HVAC system entirely.

Your energy bill keeps increasing.

It’s normal for your energy bill to fluctuate over the course of the year. A cool spring might lower your energy costs like a hot summer will cause you to run your AC unit longer. Even your energy company can cause changes in your bill by raising its rates. However, if you notice that your energy costs keep increasing even though your use hasn’t changed, there may be an issue.

First, look into a programmable thermostat so you can make sure you only run your unit at certain times. Then, reach out to a contractor to provide regular maintenance on your old HVAC unit. There might be debris or clogs that are slowing it down. If nothing improves, it may be time for a new unit. The energy savings will be worth the repair cost in the long run.

Few homeowners are excited about the prospect of buying a new air conditioner. However, the cost of a new, energy-efficient system can outweigh the benefits. With routine maintenance, your new HVAC system should last almost a decade, if not more. This allows you to enjoy the cool air and a comfortable home year-round.

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