Moving Guns and Ammo Across State Lines: Everything You Need to Know

Moving is a complicated effort. It involves packing up our lives, selling what we’re not taking with us, and loads of stress. Sometimes, you may have to move in stages and it becomes a drawn-out experience that feels like it will never end. Some uncertainty also comes along with moving, such as how you’ll feel once you’re settled if your kids will adjust well to their new schools in South Florida or another area of the country, and if there are any state laws you need to follow when it comes to moving your belongings—specifically guns and ammunition across state lines.

Many people across the United States have lawfully obtained guns and ammo where they live, so it makes sense to wonder what you need to do when moving them to another state. Here’s what you need to do, how you can secure them during the move, and anything else that could affect your firearms.

Check state laws before moving any guns.


Gun laws vary from state to state and federal guidelines tend to defer to state laws when it comes to firearm possession. Some states may have more regulations on an assault rifle than others do, and you may not be able to legally own certain types of guns in certain states. It’s best to be well-prepared and know the laws before you begin moving any guns or ammo to a different state. Reach out to your new state’s government or check their laws on their official website.

The Firearm Owner’s Protection Act (FOPA) helps to protect people from moving across state lines, but there are regulations you will have to follow in order to keep in line with the law. Bear in mind that this act is enforced differently across the country. It is advised to not travel with any loaded guns in the car when moving to a new state. You should also store the guns in the trunk of a car or in the back of a moving truck so that they are not easily accessible.

Keep your guns and ammo secure.


No matter how long your move may be, whether it’s an in-town move or a long-distance move, you risk the chance of your guns becoming damaged unless they are stored carefully in a proper case. Rifles and pistols have different types of cases that keep the guns cushioned while they are in transport. A hard case will have some sort of foam inside it that keeps it protected. Make sure to shield accessories, such as a rifle scope, for your guns as well. These need to be protected as they can easily break. A rifle scope case can do that for you.

Along with cases, you may want to look into purchasing gun safes if you do not have one already. This can add another layer of protection to keep them safe and hopefully prevent any guns going missing during the move. Before storing your guns, ensure that all ammo is unloaded and that the safety is on to prevent any misfires.

Work with a moving company.

It’s best to snap some photos of the guns before you pack them away just for your safe-keeping and knowledge. If you are working with a moving company Fort Lauderdale FL, then there will be other people handling your guns and, as a gun owner, you need to keep yourself protected. Keep in mind that moving companies can legally move your guns for you according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, but they cannot handle ammunition. You will have to pack that away and keep it in your vehicle. Make sure you’re working with an excellent moving company that you trust to do a fantastic job moving all of your belongings, but especially your shotguns, rifles, or handguns, when you’re relocating.

When moving across state lines with firearms, just remember to use common sense and practice recommended gun safety techniques, and hopefully, the move will go smoothly as long as you adhere to federal and state regulations.

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