4 Ways to Increase HVAC Efficiency in Your Office

Keeping your business at a temperate level is something that many businesses have to tackle. You’ll have workers who are too cold or too hot. There will be a constant battle with maintaining the heat or cold of your office, as everyone prefers different types of temperatures. A huge component of making sure everyone stays temperate in your office or commercial business location will be an HVAC unit.

If your office is too cold, a commercial HVAC system will help to heat up your office. If you’re experiencing some of the worst summer months, having a well-functioning commercial HVAC machine on site will give you that needed cold burst of air. Whatever its use, your HVAC unit will help to keep your office workers feeling good. Today we’ll focus on ways to increase the efficiency of this machine in your office.

1. Buy a new HVAC unit.


As a business owner in a commercial building, you’ll want to maximize your commercial HVAC systems’ energy efficiency. One of the ways which you can go about improving your business’ commercial HVAC efficiency is by installing a new commercial heating unit. Your HVAC system’s productivity will be increased to 100 percent, by doing this. You’ll ensure that you’ll increase the energy efficiency for your commercial business, in addition to being better able to control the energy consumption which such machines utilize.

When you get a completely new commercial HVAC system, you don’t have to worry about all the potential problems that an old HVAC system might bring. You don’t have to bring out a commercial HVAC technician for constant repairs. You don’t have to worry about dirty filters in your unit. You’ll also save on maintenance costs when a commercial HVAC technician does have to conduct repairs on your unit.

Also, the indoor air quality of your office will be increased when you buy a new HVAC unit. Also remember, when purchasing a new HVAC unit, you should look for machines with high SEER ratings. You’ll also want to locate Energy Star-Rated models that follow strict energy usage guidelines. Though it might cost a bit of money, purchasing a new commercial HVAC unit can help to increase the commercial HVAC productivity in your office.

2. Use fans for circulation.

Another cheap way to increase your HVAC efficiency in your office is to invest in fans. Though not as technologically advanced as a new commercial HVAC system, these devices can help to increase your HVAC energy efficiency. Since hot air rises in your commercial building throughout the year, there are times where your office will be hot. A ceiling fan or portable plug-in fan can help to circulate this hot air, lowering warm temperatures, and lessening the amount of humidity you might experience in an office.

This can help with cost savings for your energy usage, as you aren’t being forced to only use the HVAC system. There are some rules which you’ll need to follow, though, when using fans. First, during summer, fans can create a cooling sensation on humans but don’t cool down rooms completely.

Running a fan in an empty room is pointless in cases like these. Also, fans must turn counterclockwise in order to create a cooling downdraft. Overall, utilizing fans to increase HVAC efficiency in your office is a great tool to utilize.

3. Maintain your air filters.

You can help increase your HVAC efficiency by maintaining your air filters. An air filter is used to remove air impurities like dust, pet dander, and even bacteria. They are built to prevent these air pollutants from flowing through your HVAC system. A clean air filter will help to improve the ventilation and indoor air quality of your home.

Dirty filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month. It’s also recommended that you upgrade your air filters to one with a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rating. MERV-rated filters will help your HVAC fan to work harder to remove any particulates which might circulate through the machine.

4. Seal leak-prone ductwork.

The ductwork required to move the air and heat through your HVAC unit has to be in the best condition possible. They have to be sealed at every joint and junction of the unit’s system so that your home can maintain the best energy efficiency that it can. If your ductwork suffers a leak for whatever reason, your monthly utility bills for energy in your house will rise. Having an HVAC technician investigate and handle these leaks will help you to increase HVAC efficiency in your office.

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