Key Tips for Running an Enterprise Business

Running any business comes with its own challenges; however, an enterprise business, due to its size, can be a particular challenge to manage as CEO. This is because enterprise-level businesses have many more team members, departments, customers, and clients. While a small or mid-sized business may have ten thousand social media followers, an enterprise likely has hundreds of thousands of followers to manage, if not millions. These facts increase the stakes for how you run your company since hard work alone can’t get you there.

If you’re new to running an enterprise, it’s important to learn more about the specific industry you find yourself involved in. This sort of research should be done on your own time as well as through conversations with key staff members. That being said, it’s important to remember that even after you’ve been sitting at the CEO’s desk for several months, you’ll still have a long way to go before you’re truly able to say that you’re on top of running a new industrial enterprise. Here are three different tips to keep in mind if you want to sustain your accomplishments in the best way possible.

1. Invest in your building as well as your employees.


A great way to keep your enterprise thriving is to properly maintain the building and offices that your team members work in. This may seem strange at first, but company culture has just as much to do with the amenities in your break room as it does the functionality of different necessary systems like the bathroom and lighting fixture. Often, the difference between good work and great work comes down to employee morale, and a simple way to show that you respect your employees is to invest in outfitting your building with the proper and appropriate systems for doing their work. Operating a light commercial or industrial enterprise involves many moving parts, so whether it’s keeping the HVAC system in working order during hot and cold months or ensuring your vending machines in the break room are always stocked, going the extra mile in maintenance tasks can be huge.

2. Prioritize your clients and customers.


If you really want to advance, a great way to keep growing your business is to ensure that you’re always prioritizing your customer’s or clients’ needs and opinions. Asking for feedback from these groups of constituents can have a real positive impact on your business’s trajectory, so consider offering incentives to increase participation in these sorts of activities if you want to find a fun way to get more survey responses. Surveying different customer segments regularly allows you to understand better what draws them to your company, ultimately offering you ways to continue to bolster these selling points.

3. Build a workplace culture that lifts staff members.


From celebrating birthdays to work anniversaries, finding special occasions that give you an excuse to lift your team members is a great way to keep morale high. Other ways to prioritize your staff members in your workplace include throwing a pizza party when a major sales goal is hit, bringing in donuts on Fridays, or sharing a handwritten note thanking an individual employee for a good job. It’s crucial to show appreciation to your employees, and these small, simple tasks can go a long way in making old, and new employees feel valued at your company. You may even find a creative way to create an employee recognition program such as a wall of fame or parking spot of the month in the parking lot that helps you give a surprise treat to your staff without making your employee appreciation idea into a competition. With some thought, you’ll be able to take your enterprise to the next level while reducing turnover and increasing retention.

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