Technology Applications for Quality of Life Improvements

Your quality of life is a crucial subjective measure of how happy you are, influenced by many factors ranging from your health to finances. Technology’s rise has undoubtedly impacted our human experience significantly, shaping a large aspect of reality for everyone.

Technology continues to be applied to many areas of life to improve the quality of our existence. Experts project that this trend will only continue to grow, as newer technology regularly brings more convenience to our lives. Below are some ways through which technology is being applied to enhance your quality of life.

Better Health Treatments


Countless new technology has immensely improved health outcomes for humans globally. Today, several mental health apps and forums provide people with timely support and information regarding mental health-related struggles. This way, people aren’t as isolated as they used to be, improving many individuals’ mental health. Also, devices like the FitBit and other smart wearable technology have revolutionized exercising, allowing you to monitor daily habits, improve sleep patterns, and achieve key fitness goals. Consequently, many people are now more health-conscious, paying greater attention to their fitness to remain healthy always.

Many helpful surgical technologies are also emerging, significantly improving many surgical procedures nowadays. Robot surgeons are undertaking a wide range of complex procedures with greater precision, such as laparoscopic surgeries and cholecystectomies. The Richmond University Medical Center’s surgical team uses top-notch robotic systems like the Da Vinci robot for many invasive surgeries. This surgical system undertakes robotic surgery with precise movements and tiny incisions that are more accurate than the surgical instruments used in traditional surgery. Compared to open surgery, patients experience less pain, faster recovery, and have shorter hospital stays, irrespective of the type of surgery they underwent.

Sustainable Planet

It‚Äôs an indisputable fact that a healthier planet bodes well for everyone’s quality of life, as we‚Äôre all affected by climate change. As such, creative innovations are being introduced to mitigate the undesirable consequences of greenhouse gas pollution and climate change. Thermal energy collectors, solar panels, hydrogen energy storage, and other clean energy are being harnessed to promote sustainability. Technology is also now widely used in saving wildlife. Smart collars with GPS and sensors can track endangered species to ensure they don’t go extinct. Conservation drones also help preserve the earth by detecting forest fires and using predictive analysis to keep tabs on every species on the planet.

Experts commonly encourage everyone to be involved in the common fight for a sustainable future. Recycling, conserving energy, generating less waste, among others, are common ways through which we’re attempting to reduce our carbon footprint. These days, some reputable educational institutions such as Presidio Graduate School, are going a step further to make the planet a better place. Their Masters in Sustainability program is designed to equip students with great insights into renewable energy, sustainable management, environmental protection, environmental policy, and sustainable business practices. This sustainability program has a 53- credit hour curriculum. It equips graduate students with a sustainability degree that helps them find sustainable solutions and contribute to sustainable development in the public and private sectors.

Universal Education

Many people would agree that access to quality education is non-negotiable to enjoy a better quality of life in today’s world. Thanks to innovation, excellent education is now accessible to anyone irrespective of their income or location. Online educational platforms like Edx, Coursera, and the Khan Academy offer free classes on a wide range of topics to remote learners. You can obtain your Master’s degree and obtain some certificates on completion of these program’s courses. You can also sharpen your digital marketing, coding, technical writing, Photoshop, and podcasting skills on various helpful platforms.

In recent times, COVID-19’s rise has caused a growing demand for online tuition, as many consider virtual platforms as the best options to finish the school year’s necessary coursework. Many elementary schools, high schools, and universities have taken their classrooms online to cope with the times. Zoom, Slack, and Skype are some of the video conferencing apps teachers across the educational ladder rely on to educate their students. Reputable educational institutions like the Oregon Charter Academy even operate a mainly online school system designed to educate students across many academic levels. They‚Äôre an accredited public charter school running innovative programs like AVID, Student Government, National Honor Society, and ASCEND programs to help students of various ages reach their full potential.

Smart Homes

It‚Äôd be borderline criminal to discuss technology’s impact on our quality of life without mentioning the smart home revolution. Many homeowners are integrating various smart home systems into various areas of the house, enjoying several benefits as a result. Intelligent stand-alone systems like smart heating systems function independently, heating your home based on observed temperature. Also, intelligent, communicating objects within the home can exchange information to increase home functionality. Some systems installed there are also attentive and can learn various patterns, increasing your convenience. Ovens can go off as soon as you leave home, and light systems will automatically turn on as soon as you get out of bed.

As such, it isn’t uncommon to see several homeowners welcoming many smart systems and devices into their houses. These devices and systems increase your home’s energy efficiency, boost your security, improve your appliances’ functionality, and give you excellent home management insights. Some of these devices can also be integrated to handle personal needs, like storing your files safely. Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and iCloud already exist as cloud storage services for users. However, reliable cloud storage experts like My Cloud Home provide ample cloud storage that allows users to store their photographs and video files in one central data center. It‚Äôs the best cloud storage service that provides trusted video cloud storage services and automatic backup options to keep users’ files safe and updated always.

In conclusion, technology has been applied in a wide variety of ways to make life qualitatively better. Health improvement, sustainability-inclined innovation, universal education, and smart homes are a few ways technology is improving the quality of life on our planet.

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