Where Can I Find Work As a Network Engineer?

Whether you’re looking for a new job or a change in career, or you’re starting out your adult life in the workplace, you may be looking for a place to send your résumé or CV. If you’re looking for network engineering opportunities, just know that almost every company out there needs a network engineer to keep an eye on their computer systems and cybersecurity. While some may not need one on the job five days a week, others can request their services spontaneously with a single call.

You may not know where you can apply for a job, so here are some ideas you can try out.

IT Companies


If you’ve completed your Cisco or CompTIA certifications and a college degree in computer science or any related field, then you may be looking for a job in an IT company so you can use your networking knowledge to the fullest degree. In an IT company like Infosys, Cisco, SAP, or Oracle, you can apply for jobs like network security engineer, which will require you to know about route/switch infrastructures, ticket handling, network lifecycle processes, OS patching, and other security networking tasks.

Software Development Companies

Another option you have is to join the best software development company for innovative people like yourself, Devsu. At Devsu, you can help others jumpstart their digital transformation through software development. Devsu recruits the right technology professionals and helps them unleash their full potentials. They understand the importance of cybersecurity in the cloud and on-site servers and seek competent professionals who want to take on the challenge of preventing malware, web-based attacks, and data breaches, among other dangers, in their clients’ software.

High-tech Companies


Moreover, you can apply for jobs at tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Nvidia, and other companies that will benefit from your network engineering skills. If you want to land a job in one of these companies, you’re going to have to make a name for yourself. This means creating a portfolio of your projects; this could even be a website, so you can basically show off your skills.

Automobile Manufacturers

Automobile manufacturers are now adding more smart technology like IoT and AI to their vehicles. This means that more of these companies are now seeking network engineers to solve their network problems and remediate possible network issues that may arise once the car is out the dealer’s door.

Aerospace Companies


Many aerospace companies are looking for network engineers that can help them solve their employees’ issues with their equipment. IT support is popular in these companies as thousands of employees can be present in the same building with a thousand or more laptops that have the capacity to break down at any moment. They also have local servers and databases that need to be maintained and closely monitored to ensure the workflow is not interrupted.


In the government, you can find jobs from the most basic to senior positions. The government entity seeks network engineers to help manage and troubleshoot any desktop equipment within the infrastructure. Network engineers can also be hired to research, design, and advocate new technology and products to support the enterprise. The government has a wide range of network security jobs you can take advantage of. Plus, they can provide a well-deserved paycheck as well as great benefits for health care, retirement, and dependents.



Another place you can look for job opportunities as a network engineer is in startups. A lot of startups need someone to guide them through important hardware purchases as well as cybersecurity measures. Although some startups don’t pay well enough or have the most structured workforce, you may find that it’s with these job opportunities that you’ll gain the most valuable experiences that will help you throughout your career. After all, every boss likes to hire self-starters and helpers like people who work on startups.

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