3 Easy Ways to Store Your Belongings

With the real estate market booming in the United States, many people are wondering about where to store their belongs as they make big moves across the country. No two situations or moves are exactly the same. For this reason, people have different storage needs. Where one family might need a traditional storage unit with lots of space for an extended length of time, another might need a small unit for only a few days. If you’re like many and wondering about options when it comes to storing your precious belongings, read on for three easy ways to store even the most unusual of things.

1. Cold Storage and Memories


When most people think of storing their belongings, the first thing they think about is renting a standard storage unit in a large, locked facility. While this is important for people who are in the process of moving, are at a crossroads in their life, or who have simply run out of space at home, it isn’t the only type of storage people need. In fact, one type of storage many forget about is storage requiring strict climate control or with the option for appliance plug-ins to offer that control.

Depending on where you live and what you need to store, a refrigerated, or even heated, the area could be important. Perhaps you own an Amazon ice maker refrigerator set that’s stored your wedding cake for several months. Maybe you and your new spouse have just taken the plunge into homeownership but need a place to store your precious memory as you wait for your new keys. For someone like you, the ability to plug in an appliance or keep that cake frozen is important.

When calling around about storage units, consider asking, not only about a great price and unit size but the ability to keep things hot or cold depending on your needs. You might be surprised how easy it is to find a unit that offers the ability for better climate control, so you won’t have to dig into that cake early.

2. Renting a Standard Storage Unit and Vehicles


Maybe the ability to have climate control isn’t nearly as important to you as having extra storage space, so you can store not only your belongings but a vehicle. Many people don’t realize that vehicle storage is just as easy to find as traditional storage spaces. In fact, with a simple call to a site manager, it’s possible you’ll be able to store your precious belongings and that motorcycle, too.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to locating a storage unit facility, start with a Google search for ‘storage units’ with the name of the city you’re leaving or moving to, like ‘storage units Tucson‘ if you were leaving Arizona. When calling the Tuscon storage facility, you’ll want to ask about their rates, options on storage space and extra large units, as well as how they’ll keep your valuables and vehicles secure. Ask about any promotions, and even deals, on two units for a reduced rate on the second unit. If you have the need, many storage facilities offer RV storage in the U.S., too.

3. Storing Valuables and Heirlooms


For many people, concerns come up about leaving family heirlooms and sentimental items in public storage facilities. While this is rarely a concern at any reputable storage unit company, it’s an understandable worry. If you’re concerned about leaving your sentimental items like that ESV Bible passed down in your family for years, it’s a good idea to ask questions. Talk to the storage unit facility owner about their policies regarding people coming and going. Ask who will be able to access your unit and whether there are ways to ensure your items will be kept safe.

The truth is that storage unit facilities are generally locked twenty-four-hours a day and only accessible by the person renting the unit, no matter what its size. Many facilities offer an electronic gate access system so that only those who have their own units can even access the property after hours. For new customers who have never stored their items before, this can be a relief. When in doubt, remember that you are far from alone.

Regardless of whether you need climate control, the ability to plug appliances in, an extra large unit, or tiny storage space, storing your items can be much easier than you might think. An amenity offered in all major cities, and even many small towns across the U.S., storage units are a great way to hold on to your favorite entertainment center, beds, small cars, and even your favorite movies.

If you are like many people today and are making a big move, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to store your belongings safely. Contact mini storage or self storage facility today, and give yourself the peace of mind that your next chapter is about to begin. Happy moving, organizing, or transitioning to you!

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