How to Model Your Business After Successful Realtors

The modern marketplace is undoubtedly competitive, so entrepreneurs have to do more to remain successful nowadays. Thankfully, there are several technological tools you can rely on to make running your business more convenient.

Additionally, there are several lessons you can learn from successful real estate agents since these entrepreneurs thrive in a highly competitive industry. Therefore, by modeling your business after these realtors, you can also become more competitive in your sector. Here are some insights into modeling your enterprise after successful realtors.

Leverage new tools and technologies.


The real estate industry, like any other sector, is ever-evolving. Therefore, the technology and tools necessary to navigate it successfully are constantly changing as well. As such, the best real estate professionals are always ready to adapt to this change by leveraging new technologies to drive their business forward. Lead generation, CRM, task management, 3D virtual tours, and email marketing software are some of the common tools forward-thinking realtors use to remain relevant and competitive in their industry.

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First impressions count.

In the real estate world, first impressions make all the difference when dealing with clients and prospects. If the house you’re selling has an attractive interior but completely lacks curb appeal, your customers are less likely to close on that deal. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on all aspects of the property you’re marketing to ensure that you can make a solid first impression on your clients. As such, first impressions are crucial in real estate and beyond, so it’s always a good idea to present great first impressions to clients to increase your likelihood of closing deals. Reputable air conditioning repair companies such as King Heating are great examples of businesses that make a good first impression on clients in the HVAC industry.

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Proactivity is key.

Successful real estate agents are highly proactive, guaranteeing their success in the real estate industry. These realtors dedicate ample attention to lead generation and having continuous referrals. As such, they enjoy steady sales, prospects, and clients, improving their chances of selling more houses on the real estate market. As a homeowner or a real estate broker, it’s prudent to invest in savvy home improvements like bathroom upgrades that can upgrade the home’s living space. Dependable bathroom remodeling brands such as Lux Bath can help with this need.

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Focus on building relationships, not sales

Customers are at the heart of business in the real estate industry and beyond. Therefore, the top agents prioritize client relationships above all else since it would be difficult to sell houses successfully without great business relationships. Consequently, they keep in touch with clients, are good listeners, honor prospects and clients’ time, and are genuinely interested in helping clients out by answering their questions. Many successful realtors have built enviable careers over the years by being customer-oriented. Leading real estate brokers such as Ryan Serhant are good examples of such agents.

Ryan Serhant is one of the top realtors in NYC and the brain behind SERHANT, a recognized real estate brokerage with a marketing division, in-house film studio, education arm, and technology platform. SERHANT was ranked the number one team in sales volume in New York City for 2019 by the Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends. He’s a bestselling author and producer and the star of Sell It Like Serhant and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. Mr. Serhant is also an internationally recognized authority on entrepreneurship, branding, media, and the real estate market and has been delivering keynotes worldwide for over a decade on his unique experiences in his professional career.

Always remain visible.

Successful real estate agents prioritize visibility because it’s essential for potential buyers to know about houses for sale if the property is to be sold quickly. As such, they rely on social media platforms to market their homes and property listing sites where they can list houses for sale. Since visibility is a must, today’s realtors can leverage other helpful software to help them create quick marketing campaigns and stay ahead of the curve. Reputable software providers such as Chili Publish will come in handy when seeking the right solution to launch marketing campaigns faster.

Chili Publish develops technological solutions that automate and simplify a broad range of graphic processes. Their real estate flyer software helps agents launch their campaigns using approved templates by their marketing team in minutes. Realtors can create personalized marketing materials like flyers and brochures that bear their company’s logo, graphic design, and other fundamental brand guidelines consistent with their agency’s identity. As such, using these real estate flyer templates empowers agents to find buyers for homes before these properties even hit their website.

Successful realtors rely on several strategies that put them head and shoulders above their competitors. The points above are helpful guidelines to assist real estate agents and other professionals in modeling their businesses after successful realtors for the best results.

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